Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Saas-Fee Summer Ski Opening Weekend 2019 "Burn the Glacier"

On July 13th and 14th, Saas-Fee opens its summer ski area featuring 20 km of expertly groomed slopes and one of the best summer Freestyle Parks in Europe.
Skiing in Saas-Fee in summer is an amazing experience and not just because of the pleasant temperatures and the glacier pistes.
Saas-Fee is the perfect training playground for professional skiers and snowboarders. Every year National Teams and pros come to Saas-Fee to enjoy the perfect conditions of the glacier. You easily find yourself sharing a T-Bar with one of the best skiers in the world.
Saas-Fee offers ideal summer skiing and snowboarding conditions. Up on the glacier there are 20 km of slopes to suit all levels. The Allalin Glacier is accessed via the underground funicular and is open from mid-July to late October. The glacier is particularly popular with freestylers and race teams. Swiss and international ski teams come here for their summer training sessions every year.
The snowpark has a half-pipe, kickers, rails, boxes, and transitions in all shapes and sizes to suit all skill levels.

Opening hours of the ski area Summer 2019
13th July - 1st September 2019

Alpin Express from 7.00
Metro Alpin from 7.15
Ski area until 12.00

Saas-Fee is a charming traditional mountain village in the canton of Valais in Switzerland. This car-free village lies on a high plateau 1800 meters above sea level, nestling amongst the icy dome of the Allalinhorn and the rocky group of the Mischabel chain. The ski resort is based at the foot of the Dom, which although not as internationally well known as the Matterhorn, is, in fact, Switzerland's highest mountain, and one of thirteen 4,000 meters (13,120 feet) plus peaks surrounding the village.
In 2012 the results of a questionnaire for "Best ski resort" with over 40‘000 guests were presented. Saas-Fee / Saastal was voted best Swiss Ski Resort. Internationally it was even voted to second rank out of 55 top ski destinations in Austria, Germany, Italy, France, and Switzerland. In terms of snow reliability, slope preparation, and coziness, Saas-Fee/Saastal hit top status.

Thursday, July 4, 2019

Looking For Inspiration: Nespresso Sustainable System

Launched in 1986, Nespresso is the worldwide pioneer and market leader in high-quality portioned coffee.
Nespresso has adopted a differentiation strategy through an image of exclusivity, based on high-quality products, extensive customer service, and premium pricing.
Brand loyalty is the goal dreamed by the big brands and marketers do everything possible to encourage loyal customers.
One of the best ways to achieve this is to try to establish an emotional bond and share values with their clients. Brands such as Apple or Nespresso cultivated vast tribes of loyal followers. Having a distinct personality gives customers a reason to remember a brand and a reason to buy it.
"The brand emphasizes that it offers a whole lifestyle with its products. Consumers believe that buying Nespresso products makes them members of an exclusive club of like-minded café connoisseurs" (Business Development Strategies).
The Nespresso system that hit the shelves in 1996 represented Swiss inventor Eric Favre decades-long journey to bring barista-grade coffee into people’s homes through the innovation of a capsule.
In pursuit of a quality coffee, Nespresso found itself wanting to answer another, industry-wide challenge. As our love for coffee grows, so does the commercial responsibility to keep its consumption sustainable.
Our daily cup of coffee comes at a price; the environmental impact of each stage of the supply chain, including farming, milling, roasting, processing/packaging, transporting, and consumption.

In 2003, the Nespresso AAA Sustainable Quality™ Program was created together with the Rainforest Alliance.
In 2017 Nespresso launched The Choices We Make Campaign. On September 12th Nespresso released this integrated brand campaign, sharing the personal stories of the farmers behind the Nespresso brand. They invite all coffee lovers to discover the heart-warming stories that have been made possible thanks to Nespresso’s uncompromising choices.
Alfonso Gonzalez, Nespresso Chief Marketing Officer explains "Sustainability has always been at the heart of what we do at Nespresso and we wanted to use this new campaign approach to help coffee drinkers learn what is behind the coffee they enjoy every day. All of the stories in this campaign showcase how our choice to find and cultivate the best quality coffee can have amazing consequences on the people who grow and nurture it. In the end, we believe that we are the choices we make" (adforum).
The Choices We Make Campaign was developed by J. Walter Thompson London.

Now, Nespresso partners with the National Geographic to share the most inspiring stories beyond the coffee beans.

How a quest for quality led to a sustainable system

Through five stories Nespresso invites us to follow National Geographic photographer, Rena Effendi, across the globe to Zimbabwe, Colombia, Indonesia, Ethiopia, and Guatemala.

Coffee Craftsmanship

Rena Effendi's journey through Colombia, Indonesia, and Ethiopia to uncover coffee culture and processes.

Our People, our Future

Rena Effendi, National Geographic photographer, traveled to Aguadas, Colombia, to witness how the cooperative and the Nespresso AAA program are enabling farmers to secure their families' futures, allowing the next generation to continue the region's remarkable coffee-growing history.

Rena Effendi invites us to discover the stories of people and places that are benefiting from the revival of coffee plantations. She traveled to Colombia and Zimbabwe to witness first-hand the communities being rebuilt and redeveloped in these regions.

Rena Effendi goes to Guatemala to watch first-hand how coffee-growing communities, and the ecosystem they rely on, are benefitting from Nespresso's agroforestry program.

Last, Nespresso invites us to learn more about the brand's quest for a more sustainable future, both for the planet and for coffee.