Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Mikaela Shiffrin Dominates Zagreb Slalom

Mikaela Shiffrin was in a league of her own today as she clocked the fastest time in Zagreb and won the race by an astonishing 1.59 seconds ahead of Wendy Holdener. In third place today came Frida Hansdotter by finishing 2.11 seconds behind the winner Shiffrin.
Mikaela Shiffrin has been almost unbeatable, winning the two last races and finishing second in Levi. Zagreb was no different; even though Shiffrin had a “heard breaking experience” on this slope last season (she did not finish the first run). Her confidence is so big at the moment, which allows her to ski very aggressive and faster than everyone else. She just recorded a 28th slalom win, continuing a winning strike of 23 podiums in 24 participations in that discipline.Switzerland's slalom whiz Wendy Holdener finished the slalom in Zagreb on the second place, +1.59 behind Shiffrin. The alpine combined World Champion is in a great shape and skis at a very high level, earning her fourth podium this season. Her best result in Zagreb so far was the 15th position in back in 2013.
Frida Hansdotter rounded out the podium, +2.11 off the pace of the Snow Queen. She has been pretty constant in slalom this season, her worst result being a 5th place in Levi, claiming the 4th spot of the discipline standings. The Swede had claimed a podium in Zagreb before (2nd in 2013) but wasn’t able to wear the crown yet.

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David White said...

I recently read that you only had a chance for an Olympic win in slalom, GS, and SG. Being the undisputed slalom champion, it would seem that you would have a great chance for a gold medal in the Combined event. It would seem much more appropriate that you would run in the Combined than in the SG. Of course, you could always run in all events. However, you run the risk of getting too tired (or too beat up, especially in the knees). Best wishes for the Olympics whatever you decide. Still you should own the Combined after your good showings in Downhill earlier in the season.