Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Epic TV: Japanese Dream, Ep. 3. Would Avalanches and Stitches Stop You from Skiing Powder? Not Jérôme Chanal

After a week skiing deep powder in Hakuba, Japan Jérôme Chanal and Guillaume Harleaux were planning to go to Hokkaido. Then Jérôme kissed a tree and had to get his face stitched up in the emergency room. While he was sitting in the hospital the snow kept falling and by the time he was out there was tons of fresh powder. The only thing to do was get back on the skis and head into the incredible Japanese mountains. The shooting conditions may have been bad but the skiing was awesome. Bask in the famous Niseko powder, which makes wind, cold, relentless snow and even lip stitches seem like very small issues indeed.

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