Monday, October 10, 2011

2011 Free Radicals: The Sunny Side

Free Radicals is a loosely knitted group of free riders that is often referred to as Scandinavia's foremost. The history of Free Radicals begun in 1987 when three legendary Swedish freeskiers started the Free Radicals ski workshop. The idea was to help good free riders to find sponsorship to be able to develop as skiers and be good role models for new generations of riders (1987!!).
In the 90's snowboarding made it's big break through and there were few heroes on skis. The Free Radical group felt it was time to change that. In 1997 the first film about the Free Radicals was produced. The success was a fact and many of the starring riders could get their sponsorship and make a living off freeride skiing. Most of Scandinavia's big names in freeriding have had a sequence in a Free Radicals film, like Henrik Windstedt, Jon Olsson, Kaj Zackrisson, Sverre Liliequist, Jesper Rönnbäck, etc.
2011 Free Radicals The Sunny Side is the 12th Free Radicals film! It will premiere 21 October in Gothenburg, Sweden. Freeride fans will be able to see it through film tours, festivals and TV-runs all over Europe and the US. The original idea still persists: The established riders draw the audience with their star quality and the young stars-to-be get a chance to show their stuff.
Later on in December the entire film will be available through streaming.

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