Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Lindsey Vonn Wins World Cup Downhill in Åre. Sofia Goggia Claims her Career First Crystal Globe

Lindsey Vonn won her fourth consecutive World Cup downhill race on Wednesday during the World Cup Finals in Åre, Sweden, but her efforts proved just three points shy of overtaking Sofia Goggia in the downhill discipline standings. The 33-year-old did still claim her 82nd World Cup title, moving four wins shy of Stenmark's record of 86 career World Cup wins.
Sofia Goggia claimed her career-first crystal globe with the downhill discipline title after finishing second in the standings the previous season.
The athletes competed on a shortened track due to weather allowing for only a single training run from a lowered start. Organizers attempted to hold a second training run on the morning of the race from higher up on the slope, but wind and snowfall early in the day made this impossible.
Goggia took the early lead in a race that maintained its intensity all the way to the final finisher. Once Vonn came down in the lead by a tight 0.06 seconds, any skier who finished between the American and the Italian had the chance to alter the globe standings. Both Vonn and Goggia watched in anticipation. In the end, Vonn's teammate Alice McKennis with bib 23 nearly bumped Goggia but crossed the finish line in third to have no effect on the standings.
Sofia Goggia, the Olympic gold medallist in downhill, referred to the globe as a dream come true.

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