Sunday, November 26, 2017

Beat Feuz Wins First Downhill of the Season in Lake Louise

Switzerland’s Beat Feuz is the reigning World Champion and first winner of the season at the Lake Louise downhill.
8th in the training run, the Downhill World Champion from St. Moritz 2017 laid down a strong run, especially in the lower part. With bib n°7, he was able to score a time of 1: 43:76 that no one could undermatch after him. "Beginning the season with a win is the best thing that can happen. I had a great summer preparation, without any injuries and am very happy about how things turned out here, especially as I’m not performing very well here usually", said the reigning World Champion.
In the second position, Matthias Mayer was also able to call up the good sensations he had during summer training and claim a podium spot. The Austrian is used to the podium in Lake Louise, as he climbed on it at the last three Super-Gs, but this year, the defending downhill Olympic Champion was able to clinch a podium spot in this disciplines as well.
Rain snow and warm temperatures over the week limited the men to one training run prior to this year's race. One was enough for Mayer.
"It is my fifth time here in Lake Louise. I know the slope. I know everything", the Austrian said. "For me, one run was OK. For the young guys, of course, it was a little bit difficult".
The "King of the Comebacks" Aksel Lund Svindal struck again in Lake Louise! He suffered another knee injury last season and had to put an end to his season prematurely, but as in the past three years, his comeback in Lake Louise is a success. The Norwegian takes the 3rd place in today’s downhill race.
As a tribute to French skier David Poisson, who died November 13 in a training accident in Alberta, the men wore heart-shaped stickers with his initials on their helmets and their race bibs bore his name. Poisson died of his injuries after losing an edge and crashing through safety netting into a tree at Nakiska ski resort west of Calgary.
Poisson's death at age 35 cast a pall over the traditional season-opener in Lake Louise, Alta.
"I'm really happy to see that the whole ski family stood together and also that the French team participated today", Feuz said. "The stickers on the bib and the helmet is a beautiful gesture to remember David".

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