Sunday, March 5, 2017

Sofia Goggia Wins Jeongseon Super-G

24 hours after her fist ever World Cup win italian Sofia Goggia tops the field in Jeongseon Super-G ahead of Lindsey Vonn (+0.04) and Ilka Stuhec (+0.51) in second and third place to confirm the same top 3 of the Downhill.
Sofia Goggia opened the floodgates with her inaugural World Cup victory on Saturday and proved it was no fluke with a follow-up win the ladies' super-G at Jeongseon, South Korea, on Sunday.
"It feels great because also I think yesterday in the downhill, [Vonn] is the major speed queen. [Stuhec] is the world champ and the queen of the future, so the three most fast", said Goggia of her fellow podium mates. "It feels amazing because super-G this year was pretty difficult to me. I never found the right balance between pushing and to use the tactics. And today, I really tried to ski. There were some tricky points. I came by and it was really OK. I really tried to push".
Lindsey Vonn once again found herself oh-so-shy of the win, this time finishing 0.04 seconds off Goggia's pace. She pointed to the Italian in the leader box after crossing the finish line and shook her head.
"It’s definitely the best super-G performance I’ve had all season by a long shot, so it’s nice to see that I still have the speed and it’s coming back around", said Vonn. "Definitely frustrated with the amount of time that I’m getting second place by. But you know, if I’ve learned one thing in ski racing, it’s that those hundredths always come back and I’m hoping that they come back next year for the Olympics. So I’ll bide my time. I’ll be patient, and everything will work out the way it’s supposed to".
With her third-place finish, Ilka Stuhec took over the lead of the super-G standings and will head to Aspen with a 15-point advantage over Tina Weirather.
"I had a funny feeling from the start house and later on it got a bit better. Yeah, it was a fun course actually because you had to do a lot. It didn’t do anything itself, so it was nice. I like it", said Stuhec. "The only nerves getting to Aspen I have is sixteen hours time difference that we have from here to there. So that’s the only thing. Otherwise, I’ll go like always, race for race, and do my best".


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