Thursday, March 16, 2017

Hannes Reichelt Claims Final Super-G in Aspen

Hannes Reichelt walked away with the hard-fought win with a time of 1:08.22 seconds. Joining the Austrian on the podium was Wednesday’s downhill winner, Italy’s Dominik Paris, in second, 0.11 seconds back, and a tie for third between Norway’s Aleksander Aamodt Kilde and Swiss Mauro Caviezel, 0.33 second off of Reichelt’s pace.
Ever the tactician, the 36-year-old Reichelt credits his years of experience for his form in the twilight of his career. After starting the season late due to a back surgery in September, the veteran didn’t miss a beat once he returned and was quickly among the fastest racers on tour.
"I’m really happy about the end of the season with the victory", he said. "The beginning of the season was not easy for me; I had the surgery in September and my goal was to get in shape for the World Champs. The World Champs were not so good for me, but after World Champs in super-G, I really get in good shape".
It’s a good thing for Kjetil Jansrud that he secured the globe two weeks ago in Kvitfjell. His three wins at the beginning of the season and good performances allowed him to claim the 2016/17 super-g title. It’s the third career globe for Jansrud, and the sixth super-g globe in a row for Norway.
"It’s tough going first, but the reason why I did it was to send a message up to the start to Kilde to try and get him some info starting three and maybe let him grab a win at the end of the season", Jansrud said. "It’s been six years now, before that, Austria had a period where they maybe took six or seven in a row. I think it’s a mix of me being focused on speed disciplines, of course, but also doing a lot of technical training, doing a lot of giant slalom, and I hope it continues".

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