Sunday, February 26, 2017

Mikaela Shiffrin Wins Last Alpine Combined of the Season in Crans Montana

Today, Mikaela Shiffrin takes her first win ever in the discipline with a total time of 2:07.16.
Shiffrin powered down the slalom run, making up time after her seventh-place super-G run in the morning. Her quick slalom run put her 0.70 seconds ahead of second-place finisher Federica Brignone of Italy and 0.85 seconds ahead of third-place finisher Ilka Stuhec of Slovenia in the final Alpine Combined of the season.
"It feels great", the American shared. "I was really psyched with my Super-G this morning. I took a really big step forward from yesterday, and I was happy with that. Of course, the slalom was great. I mean I made a little mistake at the top, but I was attacking, so I don’t think it cost too much. I’m happy to go into the U.S. races with the overall lead".
Second on Sunday’s podium was Federica Brignone, who ends the season in second place in the discipline standings in part thanks to her victory on Friday. The win gave her the motivation she needed to podium again on the challenging Mont Lachaux slope.
"That slalom gave me a really a good confidence, but I wanted to do it more and again today because it was not easy", Brignone said. "The slalom is really tough and yeah, I wanted to do it again. I’m really happy".
The Italian seems to have found her rhythm in slalom, and she has some guesses as to why it’s all coming together–and it wasn’t the snow.
"Actually, normally I love the ice, so I really don’t know in slalom", she said. "I’m feeling good, and I like this slope and the track and how it was set, so I think that’s all and I’m in shape".
With her third-place result, Stuhec was able to secure the discipline globe, the first of her career, which the Slovenian called “amazing.”
"I can’t believe it really because it’s something I’ve always dreamed of and now that it’s hear it’s just, ‘Woah", she said.

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