Friday, December 2, 2016

Ilka Stuhec Wins Downhill in Lake Louise

In a Race Full of Surprises Ilka Stuhec from Slovenia claim her first ever World Cup victory. Sofia Goggia crossed the finished line 0.22 seconds behind. Joining them on the podium was Swedish's Kajsa Kling, 0.31 seconds back of the winner.
All three athletes were ecstatic with their results.
"I had a feeling that I could show some more than just average results around 10th to 15th place, that I could ski good and I could ski fast and apparently, today, the fastest", Stuhec said. "I knew I could ski fast and I just needed to put it in a race and I did".
For Goggia, the result at Lake Louise was a bit of retribution against a mountain that hasn't been so kind in the past.
"This was really unexpected even if Killington was a little bit more unexpected because I feel more confident in downhill and in super-G than in giant slalom. ... I just tried to ski without any expectations", remarked Goggia. Three years ago she suffered a torn ACL in a crash at Lake Louise. "I had to face my demons on these days. ... It was a big surprise when I saw the green light. I was like, 'Oh my God' that I'm going to do that on this slope".
Kling was eyeing her career-first victory before the later runners bumped her to third, but it still marks a solid start to the season for the Swede. She has only one previous podium from the St. Moritz super-G in 2014.
"I think I was pretty stable the whole training week and it felt good during the preseason as well, so I am happy with this", said Kling. "I feel like I can do some parts better, so hopefully I can nail it tomorrow".

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