Friday, April 28, 2017

Looking for Inspiration: Do It Forever Campaign

Founded in 1956, Spies is Denmark's best Charter Travel Agency. Spies is a brand of Thomas Cook.
On November 2016, the Spies travel agency have released the third ad in the "Do It for Denmark" campaign called "Do it Forever".
Using the example of Karen and Jørgen, it shows a couple whose sex life has drained away after having a children, leaving them sitting in the bed where they once "couldn’t keep their hands off each other" staring at separate tablets.
"It turns out that Danish couples have much less sex after having children (...) This continues throughout life and affects both health and life expectancy", the voiceover says.
Claiming sex can extend life by up to eight years and provide a range of health benefits, the Spies travel agency advert invites parents on cut-price holidays to exotic locations where they can reignite the spark: "You don’t stop having sex because you’re getting old, you get old because you stop having sex. Extend your life with an exotic trip and do it".
"Do it Forever" is a loyalty program with a built in fertility bonus. The more children you have made the bigger discount you get on your exotic holidays.
Created once again by Robert/Boisen & Like-Minded, it concludes about as honestly as anybody can hope: "This way, we secure your health, as well as our future business".

Back in 2014, the Spies travel agency urged the country to "Do it for Denmark", then "Do it for Mum" the following year, with the videos generating a combined 20 million views and spawning a nationwide trend.
All started when Spies Travels announced a competition where you have to make a baby to win.

On 2015 Spies Travel joined forces with wannabe grandmas to continue the fight against Denmark's low birth rate. The Travel agency launched the Spies Parent Purchase campaign urging people to have children to please their parents and help reverse the country’s aging population. Send your child on an active holiday and get a grandchild.

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