Saturday, July 16, 2016

Epic TV: Gone Tomorrow. Ep. 4. Vancouver Island

The massive mountain ranges of British Columbia are as much defined by their grandeur as their variety. No place being more unique then it's West Coast, where the earth falls away and is broken into a series of infinately complex peninsulas, inlets, and of course islands. Here surrounded by water and directly at the mercy of the Pacific Ocean, massive weather systems dredge the terrain in rain, wind, and at the highest elevations... snow.
A climate that forms and shapes the people and the unique cultures that exist around warmth and survival, as much as it shapes the terrain.Where in one step you can find yourself in a sub-tropical rainforest, in the next you can find yourself under seven feet of fresh snow, and another in a venerable backwoods community tucked into the base of a community run ski resort.
This is exactly what was accomplished as we ventured from mainland British Columbia across the Georgia Straight and onto Vancouver Island. Greeted by the visual collision of sea and sky, as well as the physical collision of the biggest storm of the season directly to our faces. Let's just say it was a place that was hard to leave, and will certainly draw us back.

Gone Tomorrow video series seeks to offer a unique perspective on traveling to exotic and remote destinations around the world to ski some of the best conditions we can find.
Not a travel guide, or a "went here did that" narrative but a visual depiction of what it is to live these adventures and explore the deeper themes and emotions that emerge from each and every trip we take.

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