Saturday, July 16, 2016

Epic TV: Gone Tomorrow. Ep. 3. Skiing The West

West of the Mississippi, and west again of the great plains that divide America lay a skiing haven, the only constant being the sheer wild ruggedness of the place. From Yellowstone National Park to the Beartooths of Montana to the Wastch Range of Utah. Follow Carston Oliver, Eric Balken, and Eliel Hindert as they meander through these vast spaces, skiing some of the best snow in the Americas. Finding little miracles along the way and space at seemingly each and every ski turn.

Gone Tomorrow video series seeks to offer a unique perspective on traveling to exotic and remote destinations around the world to ski some of the best conditions we can find.
Not a travel guide, or a "went here did that" narrative but a visual depiction of what it is to live these adventures and explore the deeper themes and emotions that emerge from each and every trip we take.

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