Friday, July 15, 2016

Epic TV: Gone Tomorrow. Ep. 2. Skiing Japan

Japan. A country of contrasts. Wave upon wave of humanity in Tokyo. Endless swaths of residents, travelers, and transients form the electric acid trip that are the city's neon glow. But a quick decision and a flash of the landscape can find you in the most remote parts of Hokkaido northern island in the blink of an eye. This is where you'll find some of the best powder skiing you've ever seen.
Empty spaces. Free from other tourists, resorts, or anyone for that matter. Here the notion of Japan's slopes becoming obnoxiously crowded or blown out by visitors is lost in the silence of falling snow. Wandering between ivory forests intermingled with snowy ice palaces reaching impossible proportions, all without a soul in sight. This is a very real and very alive Japan. You just have to wander a bit further to find it. And remember, bring your skis.

Gone Tomorrow video series seeks to offer a unique perspective on traveling to exotic and remote destinations around the world to ski some of the best conditions we can find.
Not a travel guide, or a "went here did that" narrative but a visual depiction of what it is to live these adventures and explore the deeper themes and emotions that emerge from each and every trip we take.

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