Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Xavier De Le Rue's DIY Tour Ep.1: Splitboarding in Val Thorens

Follow the adventures of Xavier De Le Rue, one of the world's most respected freeride snowboarders.
After several large-scale video expeditions, where we saw him getting seasick crossing the Drake Passage, riding icebergs and using paramotors to drop in on Alaskan peaks, De Le Rue's new project goes back to the roots of the sport, and to beautiful simplicity.
DIY is about leaving it all behind. The months of planning and the large teams were not invited this winter. Instead, De Le Rue has gone back to ski bumming style, travelling in a camper van with two additional elements: the Hexo+ [a flying film camera] and his wife.
No production schedules, no crazy heli trips, just a man with a van who's on a mission to score some perfect snow!

Episode 1 follows Xavier and his wife Beanie as they prep the truck for the start of their adventure. First stop: Val Thorens, France.

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