Friday, May 20, 2016

Looking for Inspiration: Theatre Rigiblick Plays the News

On 2013 the 28th London International Awards (LIA) judging was held at the Wynn/Encore Hotel in Las Vegas, convening over a ten-day period. The juries, led by their respective Jury Presidents, viewed and scored every entry within their medium ensuring that all the work was judged equally. They concluded with final discussions to determine Grand LIAs, Statue Winners and Finalists.

Draftfcb Lowe Zurich, Wallisellen won two Bronze Statues:
  • Bronze – Radio - Campaign for Theatre Rigiblick – Plays the News Campaign titled "Traffic Report" and "Weather"
  • Bronze - Radio - Innovative Use of Radio for Theatre Rigiblick titled "Theatre Rigiblick Plays the News".
The Project: "Theatre Rigiblick Plays the News"
The Goal: To raise awareness for the Theatre Rigiblick.

Theatre Rigiblick sponsored the daily weather and traffic news on Radio 1, a popular radio station in Zurich. The news were performed by the theatre`s own stage actors.
Click here to listen to the ad.

"As I've often said, the element of surprise is like rocket fuel in advertising and marketing. Having actors perform the traffic & weather reports was just that - and amazing to think Radio 1 in Zürich would even allow it.
But dare to push and the world will always yield.
Over 100,000 listeners were tuned in to those broadcasts every day, so the theatre got massive exposure for very little expenditure.
A completely unexpected use of radio.

And more than anything, it demonstrated – firsthand – that Theatre Rigiblick was one of the boldest and most creative theatres in Switzerland". O'Reilly, T. (2016) Under the Influence. Radio Still Makes Waves. CBC, Accessed May 19, 2016.
Relevant and valuable content is key to attract, acquire and engage a target audience. In this case content provides the theatre a great opportunity to create brand awareness through actors braoadcasting the news.
"We've all heard businesses sponsoring the weather and traffic reports on radio for years. But then Theatre Rigiblick turned that age-old sponsorship on its ear"O'Reilly, T. (2016)
LIA (formerly known as London International Advertising Awards) is a worldwide Award annually created to award creativity and power of ideas in all forms of Advertising, Digital, Branded Content, Branded Entertainment, Design, Production and Music and Sound.

Theatre Rigiblick or Theatersaal Rigiblick is a theatre in the German-speaking city of Zürich, Switzerland. Built in 1901 as the restaurant Rigiblick, the theatre houses interesting and eclectic productions ranging from musicals to dance to Shakespeare.

Thanks to Terry O'Reilly. Under the Influence is a truly source of weekly inspiration ;-)

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