Saturday, April 23, 2016

EpicTV: Avalanche Awareness (4) - Reducing Risk In Avalanche Terrain

The EpicTV Avalanche Awareness series is a guide to help skiers and snowboarders reduce their risk and make safer decisions in the mountains.

So you've planned your trip with reference to the avalanche bulletin, got your gear ready and analysed the risk, so now it's time to focus on important tips which will show you how to make better decisions in avalanche terrain. First you need to able to recognise this terrain, being aware of surrounding features that may pose a danger. Peter Bilous and Graham Bell guide us through scenarios to be aware of and cover safer ways to travel through avalanche terrain. Travelling through these areas on the way up or across to the point where you will begin your descent is just as important as skiing it. Watch the series, get in formed, then get training and practising.

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