Saturday, April 23, 2016

EpicTV: Avalanche Awareness (5) - Dealing With An Avalanche Situation And Performing Rescue Techniques

The EpicTV Avalanche Awareness series is a guide to help skiers and snowboarders reduce their risk and make safer decisions in the mountains.

Avalanches should be avoided at any stake but being prepared for an avalanche situation is key. Knowing how to react if you or your companions are caught in an avalanche can help save lives. In the final episode of this series we talk to mountain expert and director of the Chamoniarde, Christophe Boloyan, about what is can feel like to be in an avalanche and how to react. Graham Bell and Peter Bilous then go on to explain how to perform an avalanche rescue. It's vital to practice these techniques. We advise all aspiring freeskiers to take an avalanche course before heading into the backcountry. Watch the series, get in formed, then get training and practising.

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