Saturday, January 2, 2016

Ski Resorts & Social Media: Whistler Talking Loud

Whatever kind of business you are into, you’ve probably already realized you need to put nearly as much effort into marketing as you do into your work
"Getting people to know about you is part of your job, and to do this well, you need to be loud.
People won’t find your work because it’s good. There’s too much noise online for the signal to get through just because it’s good. You need to be both good and loud", said Belle Beth Cooper. "When say ‘loud’, I mean you need to let people know about your work (...) you need to tell people in lots of different ways about your work. Because seeing your work, and your name, over and over is what makes it stick".
"You might have heard of the ‘rule of seven’ sometimes used in marketing. The idea is that the majority of people who will eventually buy from you need seven ‘touches’, or points of contact with your brand or product before making a purchase".
What you need to take away from the Rule of 7 is that you need to clearly communicate your brand/destination message consistently throughout the year to make a meaningful impression on your potential customers. And your seven touches should range over different sorts of media.
The Rule of 7 is a good way for you to develop your marketing plan. Aim to make sure that you are giving people a way to remember your message. (Hewett Ripley Communications)
In our business customers demand authentic and relevant information that will not only entice but enhance their overall vacation experience. Snow and weather reports, webcams and resort maps with live information are basic tools to keep our customers informed but they are also show rooms to attract visitors to the destination.
But you, as a DMO, should go a little further and explore new ways to show the best of your destination. And snow conditions are the most appealing thing about a ski resort!
This season leading ski resorts are using YouTube to give skiers a closer look at what the latest conditions are like at the mountain.
In a previous post I told you Whistler Blackcomb is uploading new videos coming almost daily all winter long to give you a snap shot of the mountains, favourite runs, events, and must-do’s.

And they are trying to tell you (loud) how good they are:

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