Thursday, December 17, 2015

Ski Resorts & Social Media: The EpicMix Case of Study (4)

On September 2013 Vail Resorts announced EpicMix Academy, the fourth generation of its ski and snowboard application. EpicMix Academy allows the Company’s ski and ride school instructors to certify the achievement of certain skills and levels in their classes. Children and adults in both group and private ski and ride lessons can earn permanent recognition and review their accomplishments online and share them over Facebook and Twitter. Parents can track the progress of their kids, and ski and ride schools will immediately know the ability level of every student before the start of each lesson.
"EpicMix Academy is a powerful way to track your progress and your kids’ progress in our ski and ride schools”, said Vail Resorts’ chief marketing officer, Kirsten Lynch. “EpicMix Academy is giving our guests new visibility into their ski school learning progression and accomplishments, and giving parents and students the ability to play a bigger role in their on-snow development. This is the Ski and Ride School of the future".
Ski and Ride School levels are universal in the U.S.  Levels 1-3 denote a beginning skier, levels 4-6 are intermediate and levels 7-9 are advanced.  Examples of beginning skills include: Gliding and stopping in a wedge, controlling speed and linking turns, knowledge of the Skier’s Responsibility Code. Examples of intermediate skills include: Proper pole position and usage, performing a "hockey stop", consistently skiing in a parallel stance throughout a turn. Examples of advanced skills include: Demonstrating dynamic turns on steep terrain, confidence in bumps and trees, and blending techniques and tactics to match more difficult terrain.
After completing a lesson, the instructor will upload lesson accomplishments into EpicMix Academy.  Later that evening, the guest will be able to see their lesson accomplishments under the "My Academy" tab in their EpicMix profiles. Children will continue to receive a paper report card in addition to the digital version available in EpicMix.

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