Friday, December 18, 2015

Lara Gut Wins Val d’Isere Alpine Combined

Second after the Downhill, 0.38 seconds behind Vonn, Lara Gut skied an excellent slalom leg in the afternoon, clocking the 5th fastest time to move in front.
"I skied as hard as I could in the downhill knowing Lindsey would be faster", Gut said. "And then I did my best in the slalom. I crossed the line with the sensation I had done my job. And it finally was enough".
The 14th World Cup win for the 24-year-old all-rounder was her second in Val d’Isère after her downhill victory in 2012. “I adore this race. I’m especially happy to win here,” she added.
Second a hundredth of a second adrift, Vonn narrowly missed her 72nd laurels on the circuit.
"It was a very long day for me even if I love the alpine combined", Vonn told reporters. "The top, you know, I definitely felt the aggressive snow. It took me a while to kind of get into the rhythm of everything", Vonn further commented on her run. "Then, I feel like once I hit the last flush coming into the flats I felt better, but then I kind of got hung up maybe three gates from the finish. I mean I could analyse myself all day long and I could find a hundredth on every single turn, but you know I gave it my best shot, and I think considering how much slalom I’ve trained, which is pretty much nothing, I think it was a really good performance. So, I’m happy with it. Maybe one hundredth faster would’ve been nice, but you know, you win and lose by hundredths all the time, so it’s just part of the sportLara skied very well and she deserved her win", she concluded.
Behind the two leading favourites, Austria’s Michaela Kirchgasser took the last podium spot.
"I am pretty happy because it was a good downhill for me", the 31-year-old said. "To be three seconds behind Lindsey was ok. My slalom run wasn't as good as I was hoping for. For this reason it's fine for me to be on the podium. Maybe next time in a combined, it will be better".

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