Saturday, December 19, 2015

A Skier Knows: Entering A Skiers Mind

There is a feeling  that is shared with skiers all over the world. It’s nothing you can teach, learn or explain. It’s something you feel. Something you know. It stops you from sleeping during a snowstorm - knowing that fresh powder awaits you. It gives you the urge to continue hiking up the mountain when everyone else is stopping at the top of the ski lift. It hits you when looking back at your line at the bottom of a run, wanting to go back up and do it again. It’s a different way of looking at the world and something only A Skier Knows.
The ski series A Skier Knows portraits the life of professional riders. In this new edit, we enter the profound mind of Matilda Rapaport. She’s a powder junkie with a passion for big mountains and new challenges. Challenges that question your every choice. Is this the perfect line? What dangers lie ahead? The unpredictable nature of backcountry skiing can turn a great day into a mind-changing experience.
"Skiing in Alaska is very special to me. I’ve had my most memorable moments as a skier in those steep and wild mountains - both the most euphoric and horrifying ones. I wanted the edit to have a very honest and personal approach and share those special moments and what skiing there means to me", Matilda Rapaport.

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