Saturday, December 19, 2015

5th Victory of the Season for Aksel Lund Svindal

Aksel Lund Svindal wins the Val Gardena Downhill in his fifth victory this season with a winning time of 1:54.80 seconds marking a perfect record in the discipline through the first three races. Following Svindal in second and third, respectively, were Guillermo Fayed (+0.43) and Kjetil Jansrud (+0.46).
Svindal held a steady lead from interval to interval, never looking out of control or out of his comfort zone.
"Incredible start, of course", Svindal said. "Lake Louise was unbelievable and Beaver Creek, the super G was a funny race but the downhill was amazing. Now we move to Italy and it continues, it’s been unbelievable. You know you’re fast and you hope you’re also fast compared to everyone else, but there’s a difference between being fast and being able to win when it really matters".
If there’s one thing Svindal seems to have figured out this season, it’s winning when it really matters.
"I like Italy, this is a place that has always been good to me. I feel like I have good support, too. The crowd is very Norwegian-friendly, so it’s a good place to race", he added.
Frenchman Guillermo Fayed spoiled the Norwegian party on the top of the podium as he split the Attacking Vikings by slotting into second place from bib 22.
Commenting on the winner’s form, Fayed indicated that there’s something Svindal is doing that everyone else just can’t match.
"This year, it’s very difficult to try and beat him", Fayed explained. "Second here, it’s perfect for me. We don’t know, we try to see on the video and make the same, but it’s not the same. He has the talent and he is a great champion".
Jansrud may have been caught a little off guard with he increased speed from the training runs, but nevertheless was happy with yet another podium appearance alongside his teammate.
"The run was good. It was a busy run, it was very fast. It was fast here in the training", he explained. "Even though we saw it on the TV for the first guys, I think everybody was a little surprised that it was that much bigger jumps and that much higher speed. I did a few mistakes, same as a lot of other people, but I’m happy to be on the podium. Now, on the podium both days here this weekend is where I want to be. I think I can still take a few more steps, but I’m happy so far and hopefully we’ll see an even faster me coming towards the end".

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