Sunday, March 15, 2015

Henrik Kristoffersen Takes Victory in Kranjska Gora Slalom

After skiing a flawless second run on the Podkoren slope, Henrik Kristoffersen finished the "regular", pre Finals, slalom season the same way he started it in Levi – with a victory.
After sitting in third place after the first run, the young Norwegian laid a flawless second run and with a total time of 1 minute, 41.26 seconds grasped his 10th career podium. In second place, with a time 0.24 seconds slower than Kristoffersen’s, Giuliano Razzoli managed to hold on tight to his second place position from the first run and earned his podium position since his second place in Alta Badia in 2011.
Rounding up the podium today in Kranjska Gora was Swede Mattias Hargin, by finishing 0.86 seconds behind; he was the only skier beside Razzoli to come within a second of the winning time.
Kristoffersen is no stranger to the Kranjska Gora podium, having finished third in both the slalom and giant slalom last year, but this Sunday he was able to step it up even more.
"That was really good. Whoa! I just felt like I really hit the line. It was a little bit bumpy but the setup was working perfectly today. The skis were awesome and, yeah, a really good race", Kristoffersen said. "Kranjska Gora is a nice hill. I think it looks kind of easy on TV because the speed is so high, but it’s not that easy. Second run was a little rough but I tried to push it the whole way. I was on the limit 10 gates from the finish, but that’s slalom at the moment. You’ve got to push it".
Giuliano Razzoli has had a few rough seasons, bouncing up and down the standings and having a hard time finding some consistency but today things finally aligned for him.
"It has been a while for me since I climbed on the podium, but today I feel as if I deserved it", a very emotional Razzoli said. "I started behind this year and slowly made my way back. This result came on one of the most beautiful slopes, one I have always loved. Today I gave it my best shot, but the young one was too strong. I didn’t want to risk too much but I still think I did a great race. It was really close today and this second place is like a victory for me".
In third place, Hargin added another great result to what has so far been his best season.
"I’m really happy with the season", said Hargin. "The skiing is going really easy. I can push really hard. … I took a step forward this year with the win. Now I’m finishing more around the podium. Before, I was six, seven, eight. It’s a big step forward and I’ll try to take an even bigger step next season".
Hargin was leading after the first run but one small mistake too many in the second one cost him a possible second career victory.
"Today, first run was really good, second run not that good. But I’m really happy with the third place. … With the soft course, you have to be really precise with the ruts. It was tricky to really ski fast", he commented.

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