Tuesday, March 10, 2015

EpicTV Choice Cuts: Cham'Lines Featuring Léo Slemett

For the fourth episode of Cham'Lines, Aurélien Ducroz has set his sights on skiing a trail spotted last year in an outing with Stéphane Dan. It's a magnificent line but features tough terrain with many upward slopes converging around the end of the couloir. This complex itinerary calls for conditions that are rarely all met at once: enough snow but not too much, a hard top, and stable ground. And because good things come to those who wait, on Sunday, February 22, all the pieces were in place with the sun shining to boot, along with 10 cm of fresh snow! The lucky companion for this trip was Léo Slemett, who had just returned from Andorra where he had been competing in the Freeride World Tour and managed to secure a spot in its coveted Alaska stop.

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