Tuesday, February 24, 2015

The Swatch Skiers Cup 2015 kicks Off Tomorrow Wednesday February 25th With the Backcountry Slopestyle

The Swatch Skiers Cup 2015 kicks off with the Backcountry Slopestyle (BCS) event on Wednesday at 10am (CET). The legendary event will take place on the venue prepared below the Hörnli ridge in the Schwarzsee sector of Zermatt. It will be the longest Backcountry Slopestyle in the world with 600 vertical meters (2000ft) and a total length of 1300m (4300ft).

The Backcountry Slopestyle venue has been designed and prepared by the head shaper Arnaud Kugener (FRA) and his team over the past three weeks to give the riders an optimal playground and the spectators a jaw dropping show. The battle will play out literally just below the Matterhorn on its north flank.
This crowd pleasing event can be watched live from the public viewing area directly on the Stafelapl slope (no. 52) down from Schwarzsee.

In the BCS event, the world class riders known from the ski movies, can be seen throwing trick after trick while riding down the backcountry terrain. The contest is held as team duals between a team of skiers representing Europe and a team from the Americas. This format is known to spice up the atmosphere with team spirit and continental pride, giving the skiers extra wings and the spectators a clear team to cheer for.

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