Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Swatch Skiers Cup 2015. Zermatt. Team Americas

Last December, after an intense selection process, the team captains for Europe and the Americas unveiled the eight elite skiers they will bring to Zermatt, Switzerland for the unique intercontinental team battle in anticipation of the 5th edition of the Swatch Skiers Cup.
The pressure is on this year as both teams are ready to break the 2-2 tie, with Team Americas defending their 2014 title. The line up is as strong and versatile as ever with returning "All Star"athletes teaming up with the latest newcomers. The key to winning the Swatch Skiers Cup is not necessarily the sum of a team’s individual talents; but rather the right combination of freeride and freestyle skills, team spirit, and consistency.
Team Americas, led by all round hero Seth Morrison (USA) will see the return of some big names such as: 3-time winner of Powder Magazine’s “Best Male Performance” award Sage Cattabriga-Alosa (USA), "Silent Shredder" Callum Pettit (CAN), the master of playfulness and IF3 award winning, Cody Townsend (USA) and super athlete Rory Bushfield (CAN). And although newcomers to the Swatch Skiers Cup, the remaining athletes on Team Americas are already household names through video parts with major production companies: Dana Flahr (CAN), Andy Mahre (USA) and Logan Pehota (CAN), and last but not least, Tanner Rainville (USA). All together a promising, balanced mix of Skiers Cup experience and new inspiration.

Team Americas Members Presented By Captain Seth Morrison:

Home Mountain: Alta + Snowbird, Utah (USA)
Seth says: "Is very well rounded and an obvious choice for this event. Laid back attitude and love of the sport comes to mind when I think about Sage. We have enjoyed many Alaska trips over the years, besides countless others. Pleasure to have him back on the team".

Home Mountain: Whistler, British Colombia (CAN)
Seth says: "I have known Callum since he was a kid. Early on you could see him going for it. Still today, sending it. Impressive to see, wonder what he will do next. Another well rounded skiing guy, cool to see his level each year. Strong member of the team".

Home Mountain: Squaw Valley, California (USA)
Seth says: "Last year was the first time I skied with Cody. He is a hard charger, film star. First met him at Woodward at Copper first season being opened he was honing his tricks. Worked his way through the big mountain comp scene and landed a rare spot in the film world. Entrepreneur and silly man, he brings a good mentality to the group".

Home Mountain: Whistler Blackcomb (CAN)
Seth says: "Is a wild child. From his many stunts we have seen in the films to his creativity as a skier. He as all of us are having a good time. Seeing his progression over the years puts him at the top of the game in mental calmness. He mostly does things that makes you go, Wow! Glad to have him on the team for sure".

Home Mountain: Whistler, British Colombia (CAN)
Seth says: "When park skiing started to take off I was a coach at High North Camp in Whistler where I met and coached Dana for a brief period and later skied with him in films in Alaska and BC. This guy can do it all as well. Easy going guy with a passion for the sport. Has a bag of tricks to go with the mountain scene".

Home Mountain: White Pass, Washington (USA)
Seth says: "This guy rips, son of an Olympian and from a ski family. Well rounded seems to prefer powder, yet can carve any surface, or pull a trick in a tight spot. Team mate with the K2 squad, have spent time together skiing in Chile, Alaska, BC. This guy was born to ski".

Home Mountain: Whistler Blackcomb (CAN)
Seth says: "His father was a skier I looked up to at Logan's age, and in recent years we shared a trip together in Alaska filming for Poor Boyz, the trip was tough with weather and conditions. We also camped out in a Lighthouse for a few days. He was up for the adventure. Another well rounded Skier. I look forward to seeing how he has progressed from Alaska, young smart guy".

Home Mountain: Breckenridge (USA)
Seth says: "I met him at an Eye of the Condor event a few years ago in La Parva Chile. He had already caught my eye in Level1 movies. He as well is a well rounded skier. At some point in time my sister baby sat him as a child. Small world. He is a Dark horse for sure, good guy".

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