Monday, January 5, 2015

EpicTV Choice Cuts: Don't Freeze - Leo Slemett In Siberia

Last November EpicTV Shop Team Rider Leo Slemett packed up his skis and went to Russia's chillier and more remote neighbor, Siberia, to see if the grass was greener, er, whiter on the on the shores of Lake Baikal. When you're dealing with Russia, two clichés come to mind immediately, 1.) it's cold 2.) everything is far apart. Turns out, they're both often true. After a lot of skinning and a lot of freezing, Leo sets himself up in a cool little yurt or 'Datcha' and hunkers down as a storm comes in and drops layer after layer of the fresh stuff. What ensues is a few long, dreary days of wood chopping and heavy vodka drinking to ward off the chill. When the weather finally clears, the blue expanses of Lake Baikal appear surrounded by untracked lines and plenty of light snow. Despite the mercury dropping to -25 °C, Leo spends three awesome days outside shredding the Siberian mountains.

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