Friday, January 23, 2015

Domink Paris Wins Kitzbühel Super-G

The 75th edition of the Hahnenkamm Rennen in Kitzbühel couldn’t have had a better opening race. In the morning, an exciting super-G took place on the notorious Streif with Italian Dominik Paris putting down a flawless run and with a time of 1minute, 09.99 seconds earned his first career’s SG victory. It was close to a perfect day for the home team as Matthias Mayer and Georg Streitberger finished in second and third place, 0.06 and 0.34 seconds behind the winning time.
Paris is no stranger to the top step of the Kitzbühel podium, having won the downhill in 2013 but winning his first SG at such a prestigious race gave him even more reasons to celebrate.
"Its fantastic, I never expected to ski so well in a super-G especially here in Kitzbuehel as it’s a particularly tough one. This victory came at the best place, the most important one. It was a fast course set; I wish they were always like this as it works well for me", Paris said after his victory.
Both Austrians have earned podiums in Kitzbühel before, Mayer finished second in the 2013 super-G while Streitberger finished third in 2010 and second in 2011.
"I am very happy about this, two years ago I have already been second here so I guess this slope works for me. Today was fast but I usually don’t really care how a SG is set. But now it’s time to start focusing on tomorrow’s downhill", Mayer said.
As the last racer crossed the finish line, Streitberger was able to finally relax, as he was sure his podium place was secure.
"I was nervous until the end of the race and kept thinking someone might push me off the podium coming from a higher number. I knew there were some good skiers coming down later in the race so I was very relieved to see it no one managed and I was able to hold on to a podium position", Streitberger said.
After seeing the course set of the super-G, an unusually high number of racers chose to use their downhill skis in the race. But the two fastest guys did not and skied the race on their "regular" super-G ones.
"Today was a super-G and I skied on my super-G skis, it was a fast course but if you are ever in a position where you are coming late into a turn with the SG skis you can correct your line while with downhill skis there is no chance to get out of certain mistakes", Paris explained his choice.
"Today was fast of course but I for sure I would not have been able to ski today on DH skis", was Mayer’s comment on the topic.

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