Sunday, November 30, 2014

Kjetil Jansrud Wins First Downhill of the Season in Lake Louise

Kjetil Jansrud was in fine form again this Saturday and crossed the finish line 0.14 seconds ahead of the Canadian who tied in 2nd with French Guillermo Fayed.
This is the second Downhill victory for Jansrud who celebrated his first last February at his home race in Kvitfjell. The Norwegian was very happy to start the season with a great run especially as his best DH result in Lake Louise so far was 9th place in 2012.
"I have been skiing pretty good for a while now and a big goal of mine this year was to be ready already in Lake Louise. Normally this time of the year I have been struggling to be fast and I used to pick up my pace later but I’m glad this year things worked out a bit differently", Jansrud explained.
Between the training run and race Lake Louise was struck by a big snowstorm but the snowfall finally stopped on Friday in time for the course to be cleared of the soft snow and allow the cold overnight temperatures to compact the base.
"It’s beautiful out here, it’s the best I have seen Lake Louise look in the past years. Having very low temperatures overnight made the snow very aggressive. All the way down I was feeling as if I’m unable to attack and ski solid but obviously I managed. It’s a silly feeling thinking you are going slow but you are actually fast", Jansrud said jokingly.
After a whirlwind of bad weather in the past days, one could not have asked for a more perfect race day and if the weather wasn’t enough to make Canadian fans happy, seeing Osborne-Paradis land his first DH podium since 2010 certainly made it a special day.
"It’s nice to start the season with 80 points, it has been a while since my last podium and to get back to it here at home in Lake Louise is amazing. Not just because it’s a home race but also because it’s the first race of the season so this is huge. This course suits me well; it allows more patience on the skis. There are still turns but it’s more feel and even though it was a bit faster it was by no means more dangerous", Osborne-Paradis said after his run.
If seeing Jansrud and Osborne-Paradis ski the fastest times today might have not come as much of a surprise, Fayed’s run certainly was.
The French skied a solid training run but having never placed better than 6th in a World Cup race he didn’t come into the race as one of the favorites.
But there is a first time for everything and today it was Fayed’s time to get a taste of the podium, a delayed birthday present as he turned 29 just this Friday.
"I was very surprised when I saw my time. I had a very good feeling but you never know how fast you are. It was a bit hard having only one training run as it doesn’t give you a clear idea of how you have done over the summer. I was 8th in training but today the snow was harder than in training and I like that, plus the two days off made me feel good physically and ready to race. It’s my first podium and I couldn’t be happier", Fayed said.

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