Thursday, November 27, 2014

Epic TV: Piece of Mind, Ep. 2.

PIECE OF MIND provides world-class athletes with an open platform to discuss one aspect of skiing that is pivotal and inspirational to their career. PIECE OF MIND will showcase top-level backcountry, park, and urban skiing from the 4bi9 crew, while allowing the viewer to relate to the professional athletes on a more personal level. Brady Perron will reveal his favorite place to ski, while Dale Talkington describes the feeling of winning $100K. Audiences will empathize with the struggles of Lyman Currier, and passionately celebrate the successes of Olympic gold medalist Joss Christensen. This is PIECE OF MIND.

Olympic halfpipe rider and freeskier Lyman Currier's story epitomizes courage and determination. It starts where most end: breaking his tailbone and separating a few ribs in training. But Lyman pushed on, driving his body and mind to new extremes in order to try to qualify for the 2014 Olympics in Sochi. Follow him through this incredible journey and watch a crazy season of events unfold around this immense skier. You will never look at injury and perseverance in the same way again.

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