Saturday, November 22, 2014

Epic TV: Piece of Mind, Ep. 1. A Secret Slice Of Freeskiing Heaven With Brady Perron

PIECE OF MIND provides world-class athletes with an open platform to discuss one aspect of skiing that is pivotal and inspirational to their career. PIECE OF MIND will showcase top-level backcountry, park, and urban skiing from the 4bi9 crew, while allowing the viewer to relate to the professional athletes on a more personal level. Brady Perron will reveal his favorite place to ski, while Dale Talkington describes the feeling of winning $100K. Audiences will empathize with the struggles of Lyman Currier, and passionately celebrate the successes of Olympic gold medalist Joss Christensen. This is PIECE OF MIND.

In episode 1 of Piece of Mind, Armada, Dalbello and Spy shredder Brady Perron is taking us into the backcountry of Wasatch, Utah to a little freeskiing outpost he has set up with his friends. No running water, but plenty of lights, propane, and internet make this the perfect winter retreat for anyone looking for untouched powder lines and some very gnarly kickers. It's a long skin or a short sled ride in, but once you're out there, it's nothing but friends and freeriding all day long. Most skiers can only dream about a spot like this, but Brady and friends like Nicky Kiefer and Chris Laker go out whenever they can and hang with the homies from 4bi9 Media.

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