Saturday, October 18, 2014

The Bec Des Rosses, Mountain of Legend. Trailer

Some mythical mountains helped build the reputation of the villages and valleys, in their neighborhood, most of the time through a long human and sporting history, written by men strongly willing to reach their summits. These myths, since then, ensure the growth and prosperity of these villages, that became ski resorts. Most of them arouse from the 19th century, sometimes even before.
But there is an exception in the restricted list of mythical mountains; a mountain whose legend was built much more recently, much quicker. And that legend is not due to the bravery of men who attempted the ascent. No, the summit, unlike its peers, can be reached without any major obstacle. What has contributed to its lightning reputation is linked to the exploits of a few men and women, not in the ascent, but the descent, of its breathtaking steep face.
The advent of freeride revealed its impressive north face, at the heart of the Swiss Wallis. Today, it is renowned as one of the most dreaded in the world. Within only a few years, its name has gone around the planet: The Bec des Rosses.
Extreme skiing revealed the Bec des Rosses beyond the borders of Switzerland. It now also gives the opportunity to discover others aspects of its history. Through testimonies of the elderly of the valley as well as mountain guides, among many others, this film traces the advent of a unique mountain to passionate people around the world, and uncovers unexpected events of its history.

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