Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Epic TV: A La Française Ep. 2. When Was the Last Time You Saw This Much Un-Skied Powder?

French Skiing. French Riders. No Baguettes. This is a journey into the entire French ski scene brought to you by some of the best French riders on the planet. Ride with ze crew as they travel throughout the Alps and the Pyrenees, dropping, jibbing, freeriding and sessioning some of the best spots in France. Vive le freeski, vive les montagnes - this is A French Winter.

Welcome to Les Sybelles, a vast ski area tucked away in the southeast corner of France. It's not quite as well known as some other areas but the advantage of relative anonymity is that it still has plenty of untouched powder. Don't take our word for it, though: feast your eyes on the expansive fields of completely virgin pow that form the backdrop of this video. If you didn't know anything about skiing you would think that it was normal to have the entire untracked side of a mountain at the disposal of you and your closest friends. For Alexandre Giraud, Fabrice Dompnier, and Jérôme Chanal maybe it is, but something tells us they aren't giving up the coordinates of their favorite haunts to just anyone. They did mention that they filmed around Le Corbier, Fontcouverte-la-Toussuire, and St Sorlin d'Arves, but after that you're on your own.

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