Monday, July 21, 2014

Base Camp Matterhorn Now Open

Zermatt has opened "Base Camp Matterhorn", a temporary campsite that can accommodate up to 50 mountaineers during the 2014 season while the Hörnlihütte hut is closed for renovations.
The Hörnlihütte (3,260 m), which will remain closed for renovation during the 2014 summer season, nestles at the foot of the Matterhorn (4,478 m). "The Base Camp Matterhorn has been set up to replace the cabin throughout the 2014 season and prevent wild camping at the foot of the Matterhorn", said Kurt Lauber, Long-standing warden of the Hörnlihütte. 
The Base Camp Matterhorn in Zermatt opened its doors and has been inaugurated on 19th July. 25 tent-like structures made from aluminium and wood have been erected on Hirli (2,880 m) at the foot of the Matterhorn.
Due to the closure of the Hörnlihütte throughout the 2014 summer season, the first pop-up hotel in the Alps was set up to provide accommodation for Matterhorn climbers close to the king of mountains. With Zermatt making preparations for the 150th anniversary of the Matterhorn’s first ascent in 2015, the Hörnlihütte is currently being renovated and will reopen its doors in July 2015. In terms of comfort and sustainability, the forward-looking conversion of the chalet will satisfy all standards applicable to modern buildings in the Alps – including sustainable energy and water supply.
The pop-up Base Camp Matterhorn was realised thanks to partners Swatch and Mammut and the municipality of Zermatt. "The installation was a great challenge", says Hörnlihütte warden and building supervisor Kurt Lauber. "The spell of winter weather with snow made our schedule tighter and tighter". But all turned out well and the Base Camp Matterhorn will be open until 15 September 2014, making it easier for Alpinists’ to access the Matterhorn. After this date, the camp will be taken down and the shelters will be up for sale.
Erected to prevent wild camping and bivouacking due to the closure of the Hörnlihütte, the Base Camp Matterhorn was conceived to protect nature and implement long-standing laws. In summer 2014, strict controls will be carried out around the Matterhorn and any contraventions of the laws will attract fines of up to CHF 5,000.

Architects: Selina Walder and Georg Nickisch
Access: from Schwarzsee cable car station(2,583 m, 297 m altitude)
Accommodation: 25 shelters
One night with half board: CHF 150 per person
Booking by telephone only: +41 27 967 22 64

14 July 2015 marks the 150th anniversary of the first successful ascent of the Matterhorn by Zermatt mountain guides and British mountaineer Edward Whymper. Zermatt will celebrate its famous mountain and honour it with a completely refurbished Hörnlihütte, which will open its doors on the occasion of the 150th anniversary celebrations in July 2015.
Since the first ascent of the Matterhorn by British mountaineers in 1865 laid the foundation for the tourism industry in Zermatt, the Matterhorn village has invited the Queen of England to attend the week-long celebrations in July 2015. Mountain guide Anjan Truffer was personally conveying the Queen’s invitation to Buckingham Palace in London.
Livia Anne Richard gave an overview of "The Matterhorn Story", an open-air theatre play that will be performed on Riffelberg (2,560 m) in front of 700 to 800 spectators in summer 2015

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