Thursday, June 5, 2014

SAM Announces Best/Worst Ski Area Marketing Programs for 2013/14 (2)

The current issue of Ski Area Management (SAM) Magazine take a look at the good, the bad and the ugly in marketing efforts by mountain resorts (we will take a look at the best ones, if you want to know about the worse examples read the complete article in SAM).
Contributors to this year’s selections are Sam Rufo, president of NxtConcepts; Gregg Blanchard, the force behind and communications director for Ryan Solutions; Mike Grasso, a Transworld Snowboarding contributor; and SAM’s own Jennifer Rowan and Rick Kahl.

Best Season's Pass Partnership: Powder Alliance

"Among the myriad ways of increasing sales lies a very simple concept: if you can increase the value of the product, an increase in sales will often follow. Rather than build infrastructure or slash prices as a means to this end, the Powder Alliance took a different, more intelligent approach. By creating a network of like-minded areas, with each offering reciprocal benefits, each new member of the alliance raised the collective, perceived value of the whole.
And by tacking this onto top-tier season pass options, marketers at nearly all of these mountains were able to drive more sales, more revenue, and even a little sampling from out-of-towners—with virtually no cost or work

In response to the development of other multi-area pass deals, a dozen Western resorts spread across nine states have created the Powder Alliance and are offering free lift access to "anytime" passholders from member resorts.
Scott Clarkson, VP of sales and marketing for Crested Butte, said, "The Powder Alliance magnifies the value of participating areas and gives winter enthusiasts the variety, flexibility, and affordability to chase magnificent powder at some of the most well-known mountains in the country".
Pass-holders can enjoy 806 different trails, 123 lifts, 17,804 skiable acres, and 26,782 vertical feet.

A full list of the participating resorts:
Angel Fire Resort (New Mexico)
Arizona Snowbowl (Arizona)
Bridger Bowl (Montana)
China Peak (California)
Crested Butte (Colorado)
Mountain High (California)
Mt. Hood Skibowl (Oregon)
Schweitzer (Idaho)
Sierra-at-Tahoe (California)
Snow Basin Resort (Utah)
Stevens Pass (Washington)
Timberline (Oregon)

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