Wednesday, June 11, 2014

SAM Announces Best/Worst Ski Area Marketing Programs for 2013/14 (7)

The current issue of Ski Area Management (SAM) Magazine take a look at the good, the bad and the ugly in marketing efforts by mountain resorts (we will take a look at the best ones, if you want to know about the worse examples read the complete article in SAM).
Contributors to this year’s selections are Sam Rufo, president of NxtConcepts; Gregg Blanchard, the force behind and communications director for Ryan Solutions; Mike Grasso, a Transworld Snowboarding contributor; and SAM’s own Jennifer Rowan and Rick Kahl.

Best Lemonade Made From a Real Lemon: Jackson Hole, Wyoming

"Last season, Jackson Hole accidentally sent a message to its entire e-mail list that was only intended for soon-to-be-arriving guests. Instead of panicking, they whipped up a lighthearted apology titled “Our Moosetake” and quickly followed up the error with an honest, Jackson-themed, positive reply.
Instead of being met with frustration, their mistake triggered dozens of cheerful replies, perhaps best represented by this one: “Damn! I thought I had planned a trip and forgotten about it. I think you made a smart marketing ‘oops.’ Got me thinking that we should be coming to JH this summer.” Quick thinking from the marketing team turned a potential negative into a huge positive

Jackson Hole is located 11 miles from the town of Jackson in Teton Village in the U.S. state of Wyoming, near the western border with Idaho. Jackson Hole Mountain Resort is ranked #1 Overall Resort in North America by the annual SKI Magazine Reader's Poll. Jackson Hole boasts one of the longest, steepest continuous vertical drops of any ski area in North America. You can ski 4,139 leg-burning, vertical feet from 10,450 feet down to 6,311 feet. The ski resort receives an average of 360 inches of snowfall per year and gets people out on the hill with eight chairlifts, a gondola and the famous aerial tram.

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