Tuesday, June 10, 2014

SAM Announces Best/Worst Ski Area Marketing Programs for 2013/14 (6)

The current issue of Ski Area Management (SAM) Magazine take a look at the good, the bad and the ugly in marketing efforts by mountain resorts (we will take a look at the best ones, if you want to know about the worse examples read the complete article in SAM).
Contributors to this year’s selections are Sam Rufo, president of NxtConcepts; Gregg Blanchard, the force behind slopefillers.com and communications director for Ryan Solutions; Mike Grasso, a Transworld Snowboarding contributor; and SAM’s own Jennifer Rowan and Rick Kahl.

Best e-mail Campaign: Steamboat, Colorado

"Every day I get dozens of resort marketing e-mails in my inbox from mountains all over the country. One sender, however, always stood out: Steamboat. Instead of using multiple sections with multiple offers like many resort e-mails, Steamboat made an all-in bet on smart segmentation combined with one, clear message.
The result was a beautifully designed template with focused, visual cues. Fonts were increased, and copy was cut from the typical 150+ words to as few as 25. Rather than hope that the recipient found one item appealing within a long list of options, Steamboat stuck with its best offer and made it impossible to miss, extremely easy to act on, and incredibly effective along the way

Steamboat Ski Area is a major ski area in northwestern Colorado. It is located on Mount Werner, a mountain in the Park Range in the Routt National Forest. The combination of abundant powder snow, a mountain sprawling with nearly 3,000 acres and 3,668 vertical feet, western hospitality, industry-leading Family Programs, off-mountain activities, lodging options and the historic town make Steamboat one of the premier winter destinations. Ski Town. In addition, North America's #1 Family Resort is leading the way in sustainability with its award-winning Zero Waste Initiative.
Steamboat Ski Area is owned by Intrawest, a premier North American mountain resort and adventure company.

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