Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Epic TV: Watch Your Step, Ep. 2. These 15-Year-Old Skiers Skipped Class to Do Something Completely Amazing

Nicolas Jean and Leo Delafuente are two 15 year old kids who are quickly becoming some of the best all-around mountaineers and skiers in the Alps. They like to sit in school doodling fantasy first descents onto their notebooks. One in particular, the North East Couloir on Pain du Sucre mountain, kept coming up in their doodles until, one day they couldn't take it any more. Without telling their parents or their teachers, they skipped class, climbed the mountain and threw down the first ski descent of the couloir in some pretty sketchy conditions. They were back in school for 5th period and didn't tell a soul, until now. Check out the incredible footage of their first descent.

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