Sunday, April 27, 2014

Reine Barkered Winning Line at the Xtreme Verbier 2014

With a new coat of 50-60 cm of fresh snow, the mythical Bec des Rosses at Verbier, Switzerland, promised for an epic final competition of the Swatch Freeride World Tour 2014 by The North Face. The athletes were well prepared to take on freeriding’s most prestigious and challenging competition and charged down the intimidating 500 metre north face with power and style, as well as mental and physical strength.
The 15 men skiers wrapped up the grande finale of 2014 with an incredible show. One of the favourites on the Bec des Rosses, the solid Swede Reine Barkered, did it again and repeated his win from 2012. The former World Champion (2012) skied the intimidating face so confident and composed, he made it look easy! His signature style with fast technical riding and perfectly landing huge airs, paid off and made it hard for the other skiers to beat his high score of 93.25 points.

FWT14 - Run of Bib #4 Reine Barkered SWE... por FreerideWorldTourTV

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