Saturday, April 19, 2014

Epic TV: Whistler Unfiltered, Ep. 3. Pushing Powder Skiing Past the Limit in Record Snowfall

The latest in Under the Weather skiing series brings more face shots than you can shake a stick at, deeper powder than you could swim thorough, and higher flying than should be humanly possible. But it wasn't always in the cards... This winter was looking bad. Really, really bad. But like most great things in life, that all changed in the blink of an eye. With storm after storm fizzling and failing to provide, the crew finally picked up and left for the Canadian Coast. If a snow storm was going to come in, they wanted to be there to see it. So they swapped twin-tips for thrusters. Surfing became the medium by which to spend the days and experience the incoming system. They waited. And the wait was well worth it. With 9-15 foot swell turing into 9 - 15 feet of snow, the faucet was left on and the handle was broken off as the Whistler ski season truly began. Pillows, pat downs, and more face shots than most illicit LA films. This is why they live there.

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