Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Epic TV: By Fair Means, Ep. 3. Think You've Ridden Awesome Powder? Wait Till You See What These Guys Scored

By Fair Means is what you get when you bring together some of the worlds best freeriders, cut out the use of snowmobiles and helicopters, and let them have as much fun as possible. This episode of By Fair Means takes us back to January 2012 when a series of huge snowstorms hit Western Austria wreaking havoc and packing the mountains with high quality powder. When the crew's local mountain set the year's record for snow accumulation, they headed out into the eye of the storm with nothing but their boards and their skins and they scored BIG style. It's all GoPro because it was snowing too hard for regular cams, but you won't be disappointed. See if you can count the number of face shots in this film. Fair warning: you'll need fingers and toes!

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