Thursday, March 13, 2014

Epic TV: By Fair Means, Ep. 1. World-Class Freeriders Get Down With Their Bad Selves in Austria

Like attracts like, ergo fearsome freeriders attract other fearsome freeriders. By Fair Means brings together some of the best powder heads in the game to capture video footage based on skill, grit, and sheer passion. Watch as Bas Elhorst, Christian Schnabel, Irian van Helfteren, Nadine Wallner, Juan Bergada, and Christoph Obernosterer show off in their own backyard. This week's episode introduces the crew as they set out into the Arlberg range of the Tyrolean Alps. Don't miss the tweaked-out 360's of the Austro-Argentine Bergada or the knife's edge lines of Freeride World Tour competitor Schnabel. By the way, all the action is set to Argentine rap, so prepare to get funky.

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