Sunday, February 23, 2014

Russian Culture will Reign at the Closing Ceremony

The XXII Olympic Winter Games in Sochi will end with a Closing Ceremony in the Fisht Olympic stadium.
The ceremony, which begins at 20:14 local time, will be directed by Daniele Finzi Pasca, who has enjoyed worldwide success with productions such as ‘Corteo’ for Cirque du Soleil and ‘Requiem by Verdi’ for the Mariinsky Theatre.
The ceremony, which will provide a bright and emotional conclusion to the Games, will be dedicated to Russian culture. The audience will be presented with a European vision of Russia, in a show directed by Daniele Finzi Pasca who became the screenwriter and director of the Sochi Olympics Closing Ceremony after joining a Russian team, which also included creative director Konstantin Ernst and executive producer Andrei Nasonovskiy.
"In order to present our culture objectively we decided to look at it through a European’s perspective, through the eyes of a man born in the very heart of Europe: prominent director Daniele Finzi Pasca. We wanted to see how Russian culture reflects in the world art context and which part of Russian culture has already become an integral part of world culture", Konstantin Ernst said.
While Ernst says the Opening Ceremony was like a "blockbuster" production, tonight’s performance will have a slightly different feel.
"The Closing Ceremony is always different from the Opening Ceremony", he explains. "In our case we decided to turn the Opening Ceremony into a kind of blockbuster, whereas the Closing Ceremony will be more down the art-house avenue".
Audiences will once again be led through the performance by Lubov, the young girl who was introduced to spectators during the Opening Ceremony. Along with her new friends Valentina and Yura, she will travel through Russian culture, turning the pages of Russian literature, enjoying the highlights of Russian art and listening to the world-renowned sounds of Russian music.
Performers include operatic soprano Hibla Gerzmava, a children's choir from St Petersburg, pianist Denis Matsuev and celebrated violinist and conductor Yuri Bashmet.
As per tradition, a part of the Closing Ceremony will be dedicated to handing the Olympic flag over to the host of the future Winter Games – the city of PyeongChang. Spectators will be presented with an eight-minute show introducing Korea’s five-millennia-old history. During the presentation, the sounds of a gayageum (a traditional Korean musical instrument) will be heard.
Opening and Closing Ceremonies are large-scale community celebrations that capture the spirit and unique personality of the host city, province and country, provide inspiring messages regarding the Olympic Movement and celebrate the world’s greatest athletes.
The Games Ceremonies are mandated by the International Olympic Committee to promote international peace and understanding, honouring the world’s greatest athletes, and celebrating humanity.

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