Monday, February 3, 2014

Sochi 2014’s Venues (2)

Sochi 2014 will be the first Winter Games to have venues in two distinct ‘clusters’, with 11 newly built arenas set to provide world-class stages for the athletes.

Coastal Cluster:

4.- Bolshoi Ice Dome
Venue for: Ice hockey
Capacity: 12,000
The "Bolshoy" Ice Dome is part of the complex of facilities operated by the International Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF).
The complex includes the «Bolshoy» Ice Dome, the "Shayba" Arena and a training rink. All Ice Hockey venues are located in close proximity to one other, providing maximum comfort for athletes and guests of the Games.
The eye-catching design of the Bolshoi Ice Dome is based on the image of a huge frozen water droplet. The 12,000-seat venue features innovative heat transfer fluids that are used to create and maintain the arena’s high-performance ice surfaces. The heat transfer fluids are also being used in the air conditioning system to provide reliable, steady temperature control to maintain ice quality and allow better performance and safety for athletes.
After the Games, the "Bolshoy" Ice Dome will serve as an ultra-modern, world-class multi-purpose sports and entertainment center.
The name of the Ice Dome highlights the characteristics of this sports venue. The "Bolshoy" will be one of the biggest Olympic venues for hosting events and will house the most popular sport of the Winter Olympics, ice hockey. Equally, the word "Bolshoy" is understandable and familiar to representatives of many different countries, evoking an instant association with Russia’s Bolshoy Theatre, the traditions of the Russian school of ballet, figure skating, ice hockey and other achievements of the biggest country in the world.

5.- Iceberg Skating Palace
Venue for: Figure skating, short track speed skating
Capacity: 12,000
The Olympic Skating Center plays a crucial role in the Sochi 2014 concept. The Olympic Skating Center is a moveable venue making it possible to be dismantled and transported for post-Games use as a skating center in another Russian city. As such, it is located at the heart of the Coastal Cluster – Olympic Park.
The smooth curves of the Iceberg Skating Palace’s beautiful glass façade are designed to evoke associations with a figure skater’s trajectory when landing a triple toe loop. Incredibly, it will take organisers just two hours to adjust the ice when switching from figure skating to short track speed skating during the Games.
The name evokes associations with the architectural shapes of the venue. It is an international word and sounds the same in a number of language including Russian, English and German.

6.- Fisht Olympic Stadium
Venue for: Opening and Closing Ceremonies
Capacity: 40,000
The "Fisht" Olympic Stadium is located in the Olympic Park.
The elaborate jewel-encrusted Fabergé eggs that are a renowned Russian icon inspired the unique shell-like design of the Fisht Olympic Stadium. The venue features a translucent polycarbonate roof, which will be used to project vivid illumination shows during the Games, while also giving the venue an appearance of snowy peaks, ensuring it sits in harmony with the landscape of the Imeretinskaya Valley and the Caucasus Mountains.
After the 2014 Olympic and Paralympic Games the "Fisht" Olympic Stadium will be used as a venue for Russian national football team matches and as a training center. It will also host mass entertainment events and shows.

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