Saturday, January 18, 2014

Saas-Fee To Host Again The Ice Climbing World Cup

From 18th to 25th January 2014, Saas-Fee will once again play host to the Ice Climbing World Cup. This year the famous week-long iceclimbing event will be even more spectacular thanks to new climbing features.

15 years Ice Climbing Worldcup!
Two weekends of events in the Saas Valley around ice and snow.
From today, ice-climbing freaks from across the globe will once again flock to Saas-Fee. A programme of action-packed sporting events and legendary ice-climbing parties in the multi-storey car park.
The ice climbing competitions in the park of Saas-Fee are an excellent opportunity national and international athletes and the lively atmosphere of theice climbing scene to witness first hand! The competitions will take place in a special, unique location, so surely there is no more second time. The 10-storey car park in Saas-Fee, where the competitions can take place regardless of weather, with its roundabout provides a great backdrop audience.

The disciplines: Lead and Speed

In Lead climbing, competitors have to master a long, difficult and unfamiliar route in a given amount of time. Routes can be anything up to 35 metres in height. Besides the ice wall itself, climbers must contend with obstacles such as overhangs, hanging ice blocks and tricky rock sections. Ice climbers consider this discipline the ultimate challenge. The winner is the competitor who covers the greatest distance in the allotted time. One way of measuring
this is by counting the number of carabiners that the climbers manage to clip the rope through.
As its name suggests, the competition’s second discipline is all about speed. As soon as the starting barrier falls, the competitors leap onto the 15-metre vertical wall of ice and scramble to the top at a breath-taking pace – just like Spiderman! Top athletes can complete the course in an incredible 13 seconds. In 2012 this discipline will be run in parallel for the first time.

Another hightlight on Friday 24 will be the concert to celebrate the 15th anniversary of the Ice On Tour. The live concert of the rock n'roll band "Whole lotta DC" will reach a boiling point at th car park of Saas-Fee. The AC/DC tribute band from switzerland celebrate music with their heart.

Programme (full details):

18.01.2014: Ice climbing Swiss Championship
24.01.2014: UIAA Iceclimbing Worldcup
25.01.2014: UIAA Iceclimbing Worldcup

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