Sunday, January 26, 2014

Pinturault Wins Hahnenkamm Combined

Today’s race program was rather unique; the combined times of the Super-G and the one run of night slalom generated the winner of the Hahnenkamm Combined race.
Alexis Pinturault had a great Super-G race, where he finished 18th , only 0.69 seconds off the best time. A placement a placement which certainly put him in a great position going into the Combined. He delivered on the expectations by putting down a great slalom run and walked away with an extra 100 points from tonight’s Combined race.
"It was big fight with Ted today, we were so close after the SG but after us there were some very strong guys still up and I had no choice but wait and see if my run would be enough for a top placement", Pinturault said.
In second place, winner of the last Combined race in Wengen, Ted Ligety moved up from 31st place in the super-G to second place.
"My slalom run was ok, it was sure better than in the classic slalom race. Alexis is a great slalom skier so it’s not too bad to be after him. The crowd is great, there are not many places where you can attract a crowd like this one on a Sunday night", Ligety said.
After a few minutes of uncertainty, the third place in tonight’s Combined became clear after the Jury looked over Bode Miller’s run and was forced to disqualify him due to a gate error. This opened up the last spot on the podium for Marcel Hirscher who after a tough Super-G race was ranked only 56th but laid a decent slalom run and finished 1.47 seconds behind Pinturault.
"I always give it my 100% and today it was only good for a 3rd place which is perfect! I’m happy with this third place and want to thank everyone for the support", Hirscher said when addressing his fans in the finish area.

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