Thursday, January 30, 2014

Epic TV: Powdcast Ep. 3. The Freeride World Tour Rolls Into Chamonix, as Does the Wind

The Swatch Freeride World Tour rolled into Chamonix this weekend and was greeted by a modest, 20 inch dusting of snow. It wasn't ideal, but if you've learned anything from previous episodes about freeriding you know that it's rarely ideal. Julien Lopez is still hurting from his poor performance last week but shows up hungry for redemption. The venue is the La Flégère ski area on the Aiguille Pourrie face, a playful course, as far as these things go. Julien and the other riders look forward to this stop every year because it offers ample opportunities to show off both big mountain and for flashy freeriding skills. But as they are hanging out at the press event the night before the wind whips up and compacts the snow on the upper half of the slope. A last minute change in his line puts Julien into dangerous, uncharted territory, but somehow he's got to hold on and put together a great run.

Powdcast follows pro skier Julien Lopez around the Alps and the world as he competes on Freeride World Tour and rips it up with his buddies. In this series you'll go deep into the life of a pro freerider as Julien travels to some of the most spectacular locations on the planet, experiences the pressure of competition, rides truly awesome terrain, discovers the camaraderie of the freeskiing community and continues the eternal quest for the perfect line. POWdcast will take you on a journey, Julien is your guide - it's time to ride.

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