Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Epic TV: Likebomb Skiing Ep. 1

On a freeski scene where many people complain about "the goddamn hunt for likes" and talk about "the good old days before Facebook and Instagram", we will not waste our energy complaining – it’s too late for that – but just try to figure out what people actually want to see, by doing what we love to do. From the early season blower pow and shitfuck conditions, to cliff hucks, pillows, strange Asian destinations, tree skiing, big lines and spring shred with your best friends. Skiing with unknown rippers and world famous stars. Getting drunk. Feeling good. Feeling bad. Where’s the likebomb?

With last year's magical December still in their minds, the Likebomb crew went back to Engelberg mid December 2013 for some deep, early season POW skiing. Unfortunately, what they found was 'shit-fuck' snow. When this happens, you can either cry like a baby and get drunk. OR you can adjust the bindings to 21, pick a pair of skis with lots of metal in them and just shred the shit out of it anyway. Is that a 'likebomb'? Not Powder Skiing, It's Sh*t-F*ck Skiing | Likebomb Skiing, Ep. 1

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