Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Matterhorn Ski Paradise has its own Skimovie Piste

Skimovie puts your very own skiing style on the Internet. Winter sports enthusiasts are filmed by two
cameras as they come down piste 65 ("Rennstrecke"). The 800-metre racing track starts at the hut on Sandiger Boden (2,786 m) and descends parallel to the Theodulsee piste. A few seconds later,
those who have registered their ski pass may analyse their descent on skiline.cc and share it with friends, for example on Facebook or Twitter.

Skiline, along with its partners, has brought a further sensation to the market: Skiline Movies. The SkiMovie installation enables you to be filmed with an HD camera on your entire run through the passge of a turnstile in the entrance (with a ski pass) of a racing course or a Fun Park. The camera follows you to the end of the course and puts the film of the run online in the Skiline account belonging to the ski pass holder. You can view it on the internet or in the Skiline terminals in the skiing location, and you can make it public, delete it, put it on YouTube, add it to Facebook or send it to your friends via email. The best thing about this service is that it is available to any skiier and it costs nothing.

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